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Take Control of Your Data with Exa Monster

Do you know how valuable your company data is? From confidential client files to your most important projects to the brand new content your team is creating, today’s businesses are truly data driven.

But how do you keep track of all your company’s documents and files when they’re scattered across different computers, devices, and applications? How do you ensure the right people have access to what they need when they need it? And most importantly, how do you keep your data safe, secure, and protected? The threats are real. Data loss or data breaches can shut your business down permanently.

Managing all of this might seem complicated, but it’s simple with Exa Monster. With Exa Monster on your side, your documents and files—companywide—are perfectly protected at all times. Exa Monster makes it easy to:

  • Protect and control your company data with real-time backups, document versioning, deleted file recovery, and powerful admin tools.
  • Break down silos to ensure you never lose access.
  • Maintain complete data privacy compliance in highly regulated industries.
  • Use the productivity tools and applications to empower your team’s workflows from anywhere.

It’s not too late to take control of your valuable data with Exa Monster. The success of your business depends on it.

Data governance

Data governance is the process in which organizations manage their data. An effective data governance plan ensures your company files are always available, protected, and remain in the right hands. And good news, Exa Monster makes data governance super simple. Here’s how:

Data availability

As teams work remotely on multiple computers and devices to create and manage documents using a variety of productivity applications, ensuring that your files are easily accessible can be a challenge. However, with centralized access from anywhere, Exa Monster solves your data availability problems instantly. Your company data is always safely available, from any location, computer, device, or app.

Data usability

Keeping your documents organized, searchable, and easy to share is no easy task. Especially when everyone has hundreds of files on their desktop. The centralized Exa Monster folder provides a forcing function that helps your team stay organized because your super clean and accessible file and folder organization system is always synchronized to everyone.

Data consistency

There’s nothing worse than finding out that the document you are working on is not the most up-to-date version. But keeping everyone updated and on the same page doesn’t have to be difficult. With Exa Monster, everyone on the team has access to the latest documents. And activity notifications ensure the team knows when a file is added or updated.

Data integrity

It’s no secret, hardware fails. So how do you keep your data safe for years to come even as you replace hardware and transfer it across platforms? Exa Monster provides long-term, off-site data storage, ensuring your documents and files are always backed up and safe.

Data security

Data leaks, breaches, and unauthorized access are the number one threat to businesses today. Therefore, safeguarding your data from unauthorized access, and complying with data privacy rules and industry regulations is a big responsibility. Exa Monster provides iron-clad security and privacy features that keeps your data safe. From end-to-end encryption to administrative access controls to GDPR, HIPAA, PIPEDA, and SOC-2 compliance, storing your data with Exa Monster gives your business Enterprise-level data governance. No more worrying.

Break down the silos

When different business units, people, or teams use different productivity apps to store their documents and files, data silos emerge. Company data becomes scattered across devices and applications, and there’s no easy way to reconcile who has access to what and where it is. Data silos lead to document proliferation. This is dangerous because proliferations make your data more easily lost or leaked. And you’d have no idea it’s even happening.

Break down your data silos

Breaking down data silos is an essential part of a data governance strategy. Consolidating to Exa Monster solves this problem. Your data is centralized, and your team can continue to use the productivity apps they know and love. You can finally use Slack or Trello or Microsoft Office 365, and keep your data stored in one spot: Exa Monster.

Control your data as you scale

When implementing your data governance plan, it’s important to think ahead. As your team grows, it will get more and more difficult to keep track of all your data and stay in control. Getting your team in Exa Monster solves this too. Exa Monster provides powerful access permission features and insights to ensure you’re always in control of your data. Manage granular file access on a per user, per folder level, and onboard or offboard users easily any time. With your entire team working in Exa Monster , your workflows won’t stall. You’ll be ahead of the game!

Take control of your data today

Your company data is a valuable asset, and with Exa Monster as part of your data governance strategy, your data will always be protected. Unite your teams while meeting compliance regulations with Exa Monster today!