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Manage all your files with secure collaboration for every team in your organization

The best teamwork happens when everyone’s on the same page, and Exa Monster makes content collaboration easy. With our cloud-native platform, you can work with anyone, anywhere, on any file type, no matter the device or software they’re using.


Speed up fiscal planning and simplify budget and contract management to drive business growth.


Manage sales proposals and enable a mobile sales force to accelerate sales cycles and close more deals.


Streamline recruiting and onboarding to deliver the best experience for candidates and employees.


Create a central content hub for easy agency collaboration and digital asset management to get to market faster.


Centralize scrum notes and automate processes like spec reviews to build the best products and services.


Secure sensitive information like IP filings and speed up M&A cycles to stay compliant and mitigate risk.

Move Mountains

Make your cloud storage feel like a physical hard drive with our revolutionary drive mounting software.

Access, manage and update your cloud storage as if it were attached to your computer – But without taking up any space!


Share, Showcase & Collaborate

With our extensive range of cloud storage apps for a wide variety of platforms, you will always have your Exa Monster cloud storage where you need it.

Get the feedback you need to perfect your projects with comments and suggestions on your showcase page.


Everything gets encrypted. Even the file names. Files are split into small manageable chunks. Each chunk gets encrypted client-side, on your device.


Each encrypted chunk of your file gets individually uploaded to our secure servers and double-encrypted in transit over HTTPS.


Always Evolving

Exa Monster never stops growing with new features and apps always in the pipeline. Stay in the loop by connecting with us on social media to get updates every time we release something new.

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